What is the HVAC system? The HVAC system is a type of system that provides cooling and heating services to residential homes and commercial buildings.


Here are the top seven problems of Heating and Air conditioning units:


A. Furnaces


Furnaces will force warm air to the house or to a building when it is needed. You need to have your furnace checked on a yearly basis to ensure that the equipment will properly operate. If the furnace has parts that is destroyed then you can always hire a technician to fix or to replace and install the part that has been destroyed.


B. Air Conditioners


Air Conditioning Delmar NY is the best equipment in providing cool air to the whole house and to the commercial property. Water leaks, the temperature of the cool air is not cold enough, insufficient airflow and the compressor cannot turn on are just some of the common problems of an air conditioner.


C. Boiler


The Boilers Albany NY or heated water to the radiators then it will spread it in the building or in the house.


D. Heat Pumps


The heat pump system will move heat to another places. In order for the house and building to experience comfort the heat pump must operate properly.


E. Air Handler


Air handler has different parts that helps in moving the air to the residential house and commercial building. The heating, ventilation and air conditioning system's main air delivery system is the air handler.


F. Ductwork/Indoor Air Quality


Having quality indoor air is very crucial to the health of the people that are in the house or in the building.


G. Thermostats


Thermostats will control the cooling levels and the heating levels.


It is common that commercial building owners and residential homeowners experience problems with their heating, ventilating and air conditioning system


HVAC systems experience problems when it is not installed properly, it did not receive proper maintenance or it had inadequate service. There are plenty of ways for you to resolve problems that are related to your air conditioners and furnace.


If ever your air conditioning unit is not properly functioning then the first step that you must do is to check your fuse box or circuit breaker. There are times when you will need to remove and change the fuse or you may need to reset the circuit breaker.



Refrigerant and a clogged drain pipe are the common causes of leaks. The clogged pipe that is in the evaporator coil pan can be cleaned. It is better if you hire the services of an expert to fix the leaks of your HVAC system.